Graphic Design and Marketing for Wineries, Breweries, and Restaurants

The Point Collective is a women founded multidisciplinary graphic design and marketing collective enhancing visibility and brand presence for wineries, breweries, and restaurants. We design with intention across print and digital platforms to engage audiences effectively and seek partnerships with clients who bring us joy. Over the last couple of decades we’ve partnered with leaders in the food and beverage industry that we proudly stand beside.


Designing in the space where strategy and creativity overlap, we craft compelling visuals that resonate with target audiences, enhance brand awareness and drive success.


Leveraging storytelling and branding across both digital and print platforms, we create and execute plans that strive for targeted reach with measurable results.


Managing every aspect of bringing pixels to paper, we foster unique bonds with local and sustainable print vendors who can are not afraid to let us push the limits.

Partnering with clients we break bread and barriers with.




Meet the founders.
Picture of co-founder Mandy Chase

Mandy Chase


Mandy Chase, a proud graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is the co-founder and creative force behind The Point Collective. A central coast native, Mandy grew up in Paso Robles (go Bearcats!) and has strong ties to the local community. Her design philosophy is rooted in thinking innovatively and with intention, always striving for measurable results. Not a morning person by nature, Mandy thrives in the quiet hours when creativity sparks its brightest. Beyond work, you’ll find her immersed in the world of books and travel, as well as exploring and enjoying all the wonderful things the central coast has to offer.

Jaime Merz


Jaime Merz, a Cal Poly San Luis Obispo graduate and visionary founder of The Point Collective, is captivated by the psychology of design and its influence on decision-making. Outside of work, Jaime enjoys hiking Open Space land, playing guitar, enjoying live music, and raising two objectively outstanding kids. Fueled by Nespresso and driven by neurodivergence, Jaime explores the fascinating intersection of design and the human mind.

A profile headshot of Jaime Merz, co-founder of The Point Collective
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